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CashU Price List

                  cashU   500 : 12 $                          cashU  1500 : 34 $
                 cashU  2500 : 55 $                          cashU  5000 : 110 $
                                            cashU 15000 : 324 $


Purchase your cashU Refill Coupon from one of the following Payment Method

 1. Western Union  ( jihad Habash )

 2. Home delivery (  9613307977 )

 3. Pay Locally (Chyaah, Abed Al-Karim Street, Near Sweets al-Ikhlass, 9613307977)

 4. Bank deposit :

   a. Send an email to ( or an SMS to +9613307977 with your
        email address and the value of the card you want to buy.
   b. we will send the information of account bank to your email or phone
   c. Make a deposit into our bank account.
   d. We will send the card to your email or sms you in less than an hour only!